The Turbec T100 microturbine was at the core of our original business development, but over the years our product portfolio has been expanded to incorporate other micro gas turbine suppliers together with a wide range of reciprocating CHP units.  


A comprehensive range of CHP unit options is essential because, although the sales representatives from other CHP companies in the UK may tell you differently, no single specific type of combined heat and power is the best solution in all cases.


One of the main points to bear in mind is that not all CHP packages are born equally. The UK CHP plant market, particularly on natural gas, has allowed the proliferation of poor quality equipment.  The industry generally has a poor reputation for this reason.  Until recently, we would have said that what we offer is high standard equipment which offers fantastic value for money, but ultimately is relatively expensive. This statement changed when NewEnCo became UK Distributor for Powerlink.


Powerlink offer premium and budget product lines. The premium product line uses proven and well established European components and is equivalent to a top quality German package, but at a significantly lower price. The budget product line uses proven lower cost components and the prices are typically around 33% of what you would typically pay for a German package! The budget products come with full manufacturer warranty and maintenance plans.


If your objective is to install CHP unit, of whatever form and fuel type, whether as a long term investment to achieve energy cost savings or to fulfil a planning requirement where your sole driver is capital cost, then we have a solution that is right for you.


We provide full details and specifications of the equipment that we routinely supply. However, if your requirements are not covered, please do not hesitate to contact us regarding your specific application; we'll do our best to find a solution.