The range of acoustically enclosed Powerlink CHP modules for both biogas and natural gas are detailed below, including full product descriptions, datasheets and specifications. The ranges are broken down as follows;

  • CG-NG Series; Premium CHP range, natural gas fueled, 50kWe to 1000kWe

  • CG-BG Series; Premium CHP range, biogas fueled, 50kWe to 1000kWe

  • GXC-NG Series; Budget CHP range, natural gas fueled, 50kWe to 520kWe

  • GXC-BG Series; Budget CHP range, biogas fueled, 50kWe to 520kWe

Datasheets and information for open type and containerized solutions based upon any of the generation systems listed in the datasheets are available upon request.


*kWe = Electric Power, kWth = Heat Power


Microturbines are also limited in terms of the range of capacities available. It is not economic to install a CHP combined heat and power systems where the unit will not generally be run at close to its full rated output. Similarly, using multiple microturbine units in the same location is generally an expensive solution (with the exception of special applications; e.g. greenhouses, where the clean exhaust gas mitigates the additional cost).

To address this issue we have sought a manufacturing partner in the mainstream traditional reciprocating engine market. We have represented European manufacturers for periods of time, who offered top quality equipment, but at high prices, and we found it very difficult to compete in the UK market, where cost usually outweighs all other considerations.

All of this changed in 2015 when NewEnCo secured UK Distributorship of the cogeneration manufacturer Powerlink. Powerlink was established in 2001 and has focused until recently upon the manufacture of standby diesel generator sets. They currently employ over 450 staff and have sold around 80,000 generator sets installed in over 100 countries.

The combined heat and power plants (CHP) are available either as open skid sets, acoustically enclosed sets for indoor use or fully containerized for installation outside and can be designed for biogas or natural gas. Their cogeneration products include two different price ranges. Their premium range uses all major components manufactured in Europe and the US, including engines from MAN, Perkins and Cummins and alternators from Leroy Somer. The budget range is based upon well proven components, and these fantastic low cost systems offer what can only be described as incredible value for money. Powerlink distributes its products across the world, with a holistic service portfolio spanning project planning, construction and start of operation through to servicing and maintenance. 

Based on this distributorship, NewEnCo is able to offer a wide range of traditional reciprocating gas engine CHP solutions from as small as 50kWe up to 1MWe.

The Powerlink packages, particularly in the range 150kWe to 500kWe, have a huge potential in the UK AD market and are suitable for the various feedstocks including farm waste AD, food waste AD, biogas AD and energy crops AD.