The Turbec Microturbine company was originally a jointly owned subsidiary of Volvo and ABB and is now owned by an Italian technology manufacturer. The Turbec T100 microturbine is well proven with over 500 sets now operational worldwide.


The Turbec T100 microturbine produces electricity and heat fuelled by natural gas and achieves an overall efficiency of 80%. Exhaust emissions from microturbines of important headline polluting gases such as CO and NOx are an order of magnitude lower than emissions from reciprocating engines. In fact, the exhaust gases are so clean that they can be used directly in greenhouses to increase CO2 levels which promotes plant growth.

In addition to the standard natural gas applications, the Turbec T100 microturbine is proven on a range of fuels including biogas, diesel, vegetable oil, LPG, Ethanol, & Methanol. There is also an externally fired 'hot air' version available.

At full output, the unit produces 100kW of electricity, 170kW of heat.

Micro gas turbines offer many advantages over conventional reciprocating gas or diesel engines. With only one moving part, they are inherently more reliable and maintenance costs are much lower than for reciprocating engines. Because the heat exchanger on the Turbec T100 does not form part of the engine cooling system, unlike reciprocating engine CHP, the unit is extremely flexible with regards to higher water temperatures. They are also quieter, smaller and cleaner.

The Turbec T100 microturbine is available with both indoor and outdoor enclosures, with options for power only or CHP versions


NewEnCo has now installed over 85 Turbec T100 units across the UK, in a wide range of applications.

We have 55 units installed on natural gas, with a number of further projects under development. The lead T100 in the UK has now been operated for over 60,000 hours. The average availability of the UK natural gas portfolio exceeded 96% in 2014. The range of facilities where T100's are installed include;

  • Greenhouses
  • Leisure Centres
  • Educational Establishments
  • Hospitals
  • Large scale housing developments

The Turbec T100 has also been developed and proven by NewEnCo in partnership with Turbec in the biogas field. We now have over 30 units in the UK operating successfully on both sewage digester gas and landfill gas. The Turbec T100 is able to operate on untreated biogas fuel, thus avoiding the prohibitive gas cleaning costs which are necessary for other generation technologies. The lead biogas units have now operated for more than 55,000 hours with average availability levels exceeding 94% in 2014.

The technical documentation is currently being updated and as such are available upon request.