In 2012, NewEnCo secured UK distributorship for the full range of EEI products.

EEI was started in 1978 from a consolidated expertise in the sector of power electronics, automation systems and manufacturing technologies for different industrial processes. They have achieved continuous success and growth over the past thirty years and now have over three thousand systems running worldwide.

In partnership with EEI, we offer inverters and power electronics components for the following applications and sectors;

  • Wind power generation; 20kW up to 3MW

  • Solar PV generation; 100kW to 500 kW

  • Industrial applications


If you require an inverter module, please contact us and we would be delighted to provide a specification and quotation

EEI have also developed an innovative concept for the management of grid connections, Smart Grid, which we believe will have increasing applications in the UK as the amount of grid connected distributed generation grows, mainly through development of renewable energy projects.

The recent increase in distributed generation projects installed across Europe, predominantly Solar PV and Wind power generation, has started to have a detrimental effect on the grid in many countries.  In simple terms, grid voltage/frequency is being adversely affected as the ratio of distributed generation to centralised generation increases.

To address this problem, the Centralised Generation companies in many European Countries now have the right to remotely disconnect distributed generation projects when grid issues are experienced.  This clearly is a real problem for the owner of the distributed generation scheme, who is then faced with periods of lost income of which they have no control.

Similar grid problems are starting to occur in the UK and legislation along the lines introduced in Europe has been adopted here.  In addition, there are generous incentive in place in the UK for energy storage schemes which use batteries to store power during off peak periods which can then be fed back into the grid when demand is high; this is known as ‘peak shaving’.

EEI have developed a highly innovative battery storage solution; Smart Grid.  Details of the Smart Grid system are provided in the attached documentation.

This new technology has exciting possibilities for the growing UK market.  We would welcome enquiries about the Smart Grid system and will be delighted to offer a bespoke solution tailored to your specific requirements and application.