The objectives for the company were to seek strategic supply agreements with the manufacturers of the latest 'energy efficient' power technologies which the company would then seek to market and sell.

Over the past 23 years NewEnCo has worked very successfully with a wide range of suppliers and products, spanning many different technologies including gas turbines, gas spark ignition engines, Organic Rankine Cycle systems, steam expanders, biomass gasifiers and solar PV. In total, we have installed, operated and maintained over 250 systems across the UK. During this period, we have amassed an extremely wide knowledge of generation equipment and it’s application.

NewEnCo began installing the Capstone Micro Gas Turbine from The Capstone Turbine Corporation from the USA in 2016. Capstone manufacture micro gas turbine (MGT) systems ranging from 30kWe to 1MW.  Casptone are the most successful MGT manufacture in the world, with over 9000 units installed globally. Click here to learn more

During 2016, Newenco developed the first project in the UK deploying a Capstone C65 MGT on landfill gas. The installation was a great success and has led to the development of a further 35 identical projects to date, with many more in the pipeline. The vast majority of these projects have been financed by Newenco, and this is where we are now looking to concentrate the efforts of the business in the future. Click here to learn more

NewEnCo's philosophy has always been to use our best endeavours to ensure that projects with which we are involved deliver the results which the end user expects. We provide a refreshingly honest approach when it comes to evaluating the technical and economic feasibility of projects.

NewEnCo has offices and staff throughout the UK covering sales, installation and service support.

NewEnCo can offer a range of options including supply and installation, fully comprehensive operation and maintenance services, and project finance.

NewEnCo Limited is a sister company of Renewable Power Systems Limited, who hold a majority shareholding in the business.